A Thought for Your Thursday | When You Want Something Other


You want to go out to dinner. They wish they had food in the fridge.

You want a house. They wish they could afford an apartment.

You want to retire. They want a raise.

You want a better job. They want a job, any job.

You don’t have enough money for vacation. They don’t have enough money to pay their bills.

You want to have children. They want to be married.

You don’t want children. They can’t have children.

You want what they have. They want what you have.

Have you ever stopped to think about how privileged you really are?

When you are caught up in the wanting, focused on the lacking rather than the having, have you ever stopped to think that someone else would GLADLY live the life you lead? They would love to swap seasons?

When you are caught up in jealousy, do you realize that you may be the object of someone else’s jealousy?

We all want something else, something other, something more. We feel the pull. We feel the discontentment swell.

So how do you fight it?

When comparison costs us joy let thankfulness drown discontentment.

Give thanks today for the things in your life. Name them out loud, big and small. Trump jealously by verbally giving thanks for the blessings in other people’s lives, even your “enemies” (how often do you do that?). Engulf envy before it has a chance to plant its roots in your heart.

Anchor yourself in the truth that Jesus is enough. He knows your needs. Where the ideal is lacking, His grace abounds. Cry out in your discontentment. He will stir your wanting for Him. For only He satisfies.