What About You Wednesday | Krista


Today we welcome Krista to the blog! Let’s step into her season…


Describe the season you currently find yourself in.

“I currently find myself in a place of patient anticipation. Each year as winter comes to a close and spring is approaching, I get a bittersweet sense of excitement and discontentment. As the long, cold winter months come to an end and the spring bursts through with new life, warmth and hope, my heart always anticipates what a joy the next season will bring. And yet in the anticipation for the next season, my heart becomes weary in the waiting. I feel like that is my life right now. It has been a brutally cold and disheartening year, but I can see the springtime coming fast. I anticipate the Lord’s goodness in the time to come and CHOOSE DAILY to see Him working even now.”

(I just want to point out how symbolic Krista’s above picture is. The little white flowers look like the snow of the winter and the pink flowers shout spring.)

What is God teaching you/revealing to you during this season.

“The Lord has been so sweet to be patient in my doubting and untrusting heart. He shows me little bits and pieces of His plan and promises at the times that I need it most. He is gently teaching me to depend upon His grace and to trust that good works together for His children who faithfully love Him. A verse that I have been clinging to during this time is found in Lamentations 3:21-24 and it says, “But this I call to mind and therefore have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies are new each morning. Great is Your faithfulness. ‘The Lord is my portion’, says my soul, ‘Therefore I will have hope in Him!

I have also been taught through the loss of loved ones within the last year that our hope and satisfaction can only be found in the fact that eternity will be spent in the perfect presence of Jesus. All things good or bad in this world are fleeting compared to the eternity we are promised as children of God. Therefore all things should be counted as temporary here on earth, held loosely, knowing that the eternity that awaits us is the most high honor and greatest gift we could ever receive. This has kept so much in perspective of the urgency of the Kingdom for me. For the first time in my life, dying and going to be with Jesus is something I look forward to not something that I fear.’”

How have you/are you changing during this season?

“I have become so aware of my need of time alone and away from busyness. It is so funny because all throughout college I was a people-person, constantly surrounded by and interacting with a ton of people. However, now I see the great importance of being alone, internally processing with Jesus and using the ‘pray about it more than you talk about it’ concept. I have found it to be so peaceful and encouraging to grow in my relationship with the Lord in this way. My dependence on Him has been strengthened and my friendships have continued beautifully. I have learned to not fear being alone, but embrace it as an opportunity to draw near to the Father. Although, this is most certainly not always my initial attitude, keeping this in mind has strengthened my ability to rest during this season.”

What encouragement would you like to share with someone who is in a similar season?

“Whether you are walking through a season post-grad or are just unsure of where the Lord is leading in the time to come, be comforted. The Lord is faithful to complete the work that He began in you and He will surely do it (Philippians 1:6). Walk each day with faith in trusting that everything that the Lord has equipped you with for that day is exactly what you need to serve Him (Hebrews 13:20-21). He is working in the midst of our doubt and anxiety and will reveal His will in His perfect and beautiful timing. Be STEADFAST and HOPE in the faithfulness of our Father. Remembering that in all things, our purpose is not to serve ourselves, but to glorify the Father who saves, loves, redeems and chooses us to be His own.”

A Prayer for Krista

God, You are good. We thank You for working all things for the good of those who love You. Thank You for Krista. Thank You that You are aware of her and with her in this season. Thank You for Your faithfulness to her in the past. May she cling to the truth that You will be faithful again and again. Thank You for how You are using the waiting to increase her longing and hope for You. Thank You for using death to birth truth in her life, an urgency for the gospel, and a peace about Home. Continue to comfort her grieving heart. Thank You for being a God who can handle our doubts and our questions. May Krista continue to bring those and lay them at Your feet. For someone once said, “faith does not eliminate questions, but faith knows where to take them.” Thank You for the many lives Krista has invested in. Thank You for her kind and giving heart. Thank You for this season where she’s been able to pull back and come away and rest with You, receiving after giving so much of herself. May she continue to be strengthened in her alone time with You. As spring approaches, and the buds begin to bloom, may she be thankful for winter, for the time when growth was happening under the surface. As things begin to shoot out from under the ground, may she burst with joy. Although winter was cold and brutal, may she also remember the quiet, the stillness, the calm which winter can bring. And may she continue to hold onto those things even as seasons change. Thanks for loving us, Lord. Amen.


Featured Friday


On Fridays here you’ll find something which caught my attention during the week. It may be another blog post, a recipe, an article, a video, a photograph, and the list goes on.

This week, it is a Facebook status my college friend, Caysi, posted earlier in the week. Her words put into writing what my heart has been feeling and many recent conversations I’ve had. I hope you glean some insight and encouragement from this raw out pouring of her heart. I know I did.

(Photo cred: www.abandonstatusquo.com)

“I’ve been thinking alot about this lately and saw a news story this morning that made me think even more about the significance. So I’m gonna say it ‘out loud.’

I am convinced that people have, for the most part, no idea about a lifestyle until they are living it. There are lots of facets to this. Some don’t even try to understand. Some try for a little while and then go back to their own life. And some truly try to understand and just have a hard time completely grasping when they don’t live it 24/7. 

Right now, my life is being a (pregnant) mom and wife of a pastor. Both are positions in which I consistently find myself saying ‘if only they knew’ when people say certain things without thinking or knowing. 

This is not an ‘I wish you knew’ post. 

Here’s my point: I think EVERY position is probably this way. Teachers, nurses, doctors, creative directors, manual laborers, food servers, engineers, students, hairdressers, chefs, public servicemen/women, businessmen/women, widows/widowers, parents/single parents/working parents/sah parents, pastors/pastors’ wives and children, those with a hard time finding a job or a partner, those who struggle with all types of addictions…and many many more….and a lot of these are just some examples of what we DO, not necessarily even who we ARE. 

I have been convicted that I should stop wishing people understood certain things in our life and realize that they’re probably thinking the same thing about me. 

I may not understand all that you do, deal with, and go through on a daily basis, but I do know life can be hard and people can be tough and sometimes it’s a lot. 

I promise to try harder to understand and appreciate you, and when I still just don’t get it because I don’t live it, to give grace because I know it’s not easy. I sincerely hope I haven’t, but know I have, been guilty of saying things and being on the other end of ‘if only she knew.’ For those moments I am so sorry. I also promise to be better at giving grace to those who don’t understand my stage of life right now. 

Let’s just love and look for ways to love even harder. I’m so thankful we’re all different. Your role is important. Even when others don’t get it. Push on! That’s all :).”

We may never fully understand, but may we love more fully.