A Little Change


When I first sought out on this journey, this blog, I had committed to blog everyday for an entire month to get my momentum going. That goal was achieved. Two and a half months later, the number of days I haven’t posted something can be counted on one hand.

My season has changed since I started the blog. Back then I had more time on my hands. Now, I’m grasping for more time. We all have the same amount of time in a day, but we all manage it differently, we all have different demands. 
When the blog started I committed to be disciplined in blogging. A few weeks later I committed to be disciplined in running. And a few weeks later I committed to be disciplined in my new place of employment. But I’ve slowly seen myself becoming less disciplined in other areas of my life. 
That’s the thing with being committed, being disciplined…there’s only so much you can give. And when something else takes up a chunk of your time, something has got to give. The more disciplined you become in one area, the less you become in others. It’s not something you consciously do, it’s something you slip into.
So, it’s time to realign my priorities. As much as I love this blog, posting every day is just not wise any more. I never wanted this to become something I felt like I had to do but something I got to do.
I know my blog isn’t this thing that thousands of people flock to each day. Nobody expects me to blog every day. They probably don’t even have time to read it everyday. But I guess somewhere along the way I put pressure on myself, I put expectations on myself, and the “people” in my head told me I needed to blog everyday, that they needed it.
So, I’m giving myself the freedom to not post every day, not to force this blog but to let it come as it does, naturally, inspired. And I’m hoping that the surprise, the out of the ordinary, the random, sporadic posts will be sweeter because they won’t be expected, they won’t be routine.
As seasons change, they change us. But when the changes make us lose focus one  The One who never changes, we’ve got to change things.

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