A Thought for Your Thursday | Hurt Heals


All of us have more going on beyond the surface of our hearts. Different things will prick us in different ways depending on our certain season, when our senses are heightened in certain parts of our hearts.

How can we be sensitive to others sensitivity without taking responsibility for their sensitivity? How do we respond to those we have hurt when we never meant to hurt them? How do we balance saying “I’m sorry it hurt you,” when there was nothing inherently wrong with our act? When we aren’t sorry for our actions, but sorry of the result? How do we handle someone’s hurt which was not caused by but simply stirred, surfaced, by our actions?

God uses all types of situations in our lives to bring forth the junk in our hearts. Most of the times, He uses other people. And most of the times when we feel hurt we focus more on the anger or bitterness we have toward the person who hurt us, rather than focusing on the reason why we hurt. We say “look at what they did to me!” when God is trying to say “look at the condition of your heart.” We play the victim. The truth hurts, maybe that’s why we lie. We don’t want to deal with our mess so instead we try to blame someone else for causing it, when really it’s been there all along.

So to you who are hurting, would you be open to admitting you are hurt? Would you focus more on why you hurt than who hurt you? Would you be willing to let God illuminate something in your heart that He wants to change? Would you be sensitive to the fact that God hurts us to heal us?

To you who hurt another unintentionally, and are now hurting because they hurt, may false guilt not consume you. May you sift through the rubble and have great discernment as you replay the scene, when you examine your heart, when you seek where you might have done wrong. May you apologize when convicted. May you admit your wrongs if there are any. May you be kind and show compassion to the person, knowing there is a deeper issue at hand. But may you not shy away from firmly speaking the truth in love. May you stay to comfort when the truth hurts. Because sometimes hurting someone just might be the most loving thing you can do.


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