What About You Wednesday | Ceci


Today we welcome Cecilia (Ceci) to the blog! Let’s step into her season…

ceci's feet

Describe the season you currently find yourself in.

I would describe this season as preparation for what is to come, but still joyful!

What is God teaching you/revealing to you during this season?

After I graduated from my undergrad, my life really slowed down and I was ready for the next step. I was ready to get a full time job somewhere “cool” and be the grown up I thought you had to be after you get your bachelor’s degree. But God really slowed me down. He made me look into my heart and asked me personal questions that broke down my pride. “Why are you in a rush, Ceci?” “Who are you trying to impress? You already have all of My attention!” Since then, Abba has opened my eyes to see how much He has blessed me; He’s surrounded me with such an awesome community and people that I was willing to give up because I was in such a hurry to be this person He did not intend for me to become.

He’s also revealing to me what it’s like to have Him as a Perfect Father. This past Christmas, as I was traveling home, my suitcases were stolen out of my car. Most of clothes and shoes were there, and as a girl who really likes clothes that can be so heart breaking! But God is so sweet. He reminded me that material things are so easy to replace. And for a God who owns it all, it is no inconvenience to provide for His children. Today my closet is probably double of what it used to be because of the generosity of my family and friends. I don’t think that He allowed that to happen simply because He wanted me to have new clothes. I know God was (and still is) showing me that HE is the Provider, that nothing is too hard for Him and that He cares about every single aspect our lives, apparently even our stolen underwear.

How have you/are you changing during this season?

I’m becoming more trusting of God. I’ve also learned to slow down. There are definitely hard days in which I doubt what I should be doing because it’s hard not to compare our lives with others through cool posts on social media and whatnot. But the Holy Spirit always reminds me of His purpose. I’m learning that life is a process and things take time. I remember one night God asked me to wake up early to go on a walk with Him (I said, “how early are we talking about Jesus?”). Anyway, while praying He showed me two trees. One of the trees was really pretty and big and the other one was scrawny looking. But God showed me that the big tree once looked like that small tree, that growth is a process and it takes time. I think that basically sums it up; maybe God is turning me into a hippie or something.

What encouragement would you like to share with someone who is in a similar season?

One of my favorite verses is Luke 15:31 when the Father addresses the older son “‘My son’, the father said, ‘you are always with me and everything I have is yours.’” Sometimes we miss out on being relational with God because we’re so stuck on “what is the next step” or even the burdens of daily life. But I encourage you to invite Abba into your daily life. Being still in the Lord doesn’t mean being stagnant; it means to trust Him without going ahead of Him. Just ask the Holy Spirit to interrupt your life when it doesn’t look like what He has planned for you.

A Prayer for Ceci


Thank You for Ceci. Thank You for being aware of her and with her in this season, teaching her more about You. Thank You for how sensitive she is to Your Holy Spirit. I thank You for all the gifts You have given her, for her tenderness in relationships and firmness in the truth. Thank You for her sweet, encouraging spirit. Thank You for where You have her at this very moment. She seeks to obey You God, show her the way, show her Your way. Guard her from comparison. May what she sees with her eyes on social media not go to her heart. In this seasons of preparation, help her to continue to see it as a season of purpose as well. Help her to know she is making a difference today, even in the mundane. May looking forward not distract her from what You have for her now. Help her to know she isn’t missing out on anything, because if You wanted her to be somewhere else, she would be. May she seek You more than answers. When she questions her purpose in life remind her that You are Purpose. Continue to speak to her in the waiting. Continue to romance her and provide for her. Continue to be her Joy. Thank You for providing underwear for us. Thank You for caring about every detail about us, God.

In Your Loving Name,Amen.


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