Featured Friday


For your Friday, here’s a photo and a few words from my friend Breanna…


“I’ve been thinking a lot on sobriety; not physical sobriety, but spiritual. Physical drunkenness causes a person to lose their judgement, self-control, alertness, understanding of consequences, and usually leads them to only pay attention to personal desire. Alcohol is not the only means by which a person can be intoxicated and act this way. Many things can intoxicate our minds and distort our perception of reality. Whether it’s anxiety, lust, anger, idolatry, or fear; sin is toxic to our hearts and minds. We as the consumer become the consumed. BUT we have the gospel and grace of Jesus Christ, which like a cold shower or a hearty meal sobers us and brings us to our senses. And the Lord will NEVER grow tired of bringing us back to the reality of His unconditional love for us. IT WAKES US UP. He is faithful when we aren’t. If that doesn’t cause you to boast in your weaknesses all the more, I don’t know what will. Make much of Him today.


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