Tasty Tuesday | Nacho Average Queso

A college roomate’s dad first introduced me to this queso. It’s the best I’ve had since. I’ve modified it a tad over the years, but I thought I’d pass it along to you! I’ll be making a batch for a nacho average coed wedding shower this weekend. You should join me and make one this week too!

Nacho Average Queso

>4 Blocks Cream Cheese
>2 cans Rotel
>1 packet of taco seasoning
>1-1.5 pounds of sausage (“breakfat” sausage) or ground beef (I use sausage)
-Brown meat in skillet
-When meat is cooked throughly, mix in taco seasoning and a little water
-Take cream cheese out of packages and place in a crock pot 
-Pour rotel over cream cheese (do not drain rotel)
-Add meat mixture
-Cover Crock Pot and cook on until melted. Mix on occasion. Turn to warm while serving.
-Enjoy with tortilla chips!

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