Today is my mom’s birthday. So today is dedicated to her!

A few days ago she sent me the link to a competition Kirkland’s is putting on in honor of Mother’s day. (More info here).

“I would be interested in knowing your favorite moment…and you could probably win this with your awesome writing ability!!”

The competition seems simple, take a moment to tell about your favorite memory with mom. But for a verbose lassie like me, it becomes difficult when the character limit is 1,000. So below is what I started with before the condensing took place.

Love you, Mom!

I used to live in the forest. Until one day a human said “that one,” and the next thing I knew, a sharp object cut me in the side. Thud. I fell to the ground. Other sharp objects cut me and shaped me. Then they stuck pointy objects in me to put me back together, but not like before. Then they took me to the store. I sat there for days until finally a human said “that one” and took me home. Each day a lady would come visit me. Each day she would come and I would rock her back and forth. As the days passed I could tell she was getting a little more heavier as the months passed. Then she stopped coming. I worried that something was wrong.

After a few nights she returned to visit with a strange object in her arms that was making very loud and annoying noises. As I rocked she began to sing and her new born baby was soothed.

Years passed and the two came to visit me occasionally. As I rocked them, the older lady would hold the little lady in her lap and listen to her share of bad days, fears, friendships changing, disappointments, and heartbreaks. Tears from the little lady rolled down and fell on my arms. The older lady held the little lady close and told her how she was loved and that everything was going to be okay. And the little lady was soothed.

Their visits became fewer as the little lady blossomed and grew. But when a visit was necessary along they came.

Then one strange night they came to visit, but I realized something had changed, some was different. The older lady was now sitting in the lap of the little lady. The older lady was in tears and the little lady was listening and holding her close. As I rocked them, I knew I was witnessing a rare moment of reciprocal, genuine love. The daughter was now in turn doing what her mother had done for so many years.

I am a rocking chair. And I am witness of some of the most beautiful MOMents.



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