Songs for Your Saturday


When hubs and I first started to date in college he did not own a car. Each time he picked me up it would be a fun game to try to guess which car he had borrowed for us to go out in. On one of our first dates he borrowed a friend’s Honda CRV (this detail totally not relative to this story at all). We turned on the car and music began to play. The CD in the player was none other than Mr. Steve Moakler. It was my first time to hear of him. A few days later hubs burnt me his CD.

As I sorted through my feelings for this guy who I had just started to date, hesitant to let my guard down due to past heart break, I specifically remember listening to this song. Tears flowed as I realized it was finally time to stop running from love (and hurt) and to run towards this man. That it was time to stop letting go and time to start holding on. That it was okay to feel the love I had for this man.

After a school year of dating, we spent a summer apart. This time was truly a test in our relationship. I honestly did not know if we were going to make it. And this song was one that helped me through.

Last night we stood in pouring rain to watch Steve (for the third time) at a coffee shop with an outdoor stage in their backyard. We were drenched, but it was completely worth it. It was awesome to see an artist we have followed for the past few years mature as an artist. He truly knows that his music is a gift from God and He does it for the love of it, not for his own personal gain. Steve is humble and that makes his music all the better.

Each show he has he opens up the dance floor to this specific song. And for the first time at his show, we danced.  And people around us knew we were in love. Yes it was hard dancing in gravel wearing Chacos, and we probably looked silly,but we didn’t care. It was just one of those moments, the kind where time stands still.

And I could continue to post songs by Steve that I love (and yes, he writes awesome songs that aren’t love songs)…but I’ll let you go find them yourself.


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