On Blooming Where You’re Planted…Literally.


A tulip farm. Never had been, and never thought I ever would. Then Instagram started blowing up with pics of those beautiful blooms. This was something I had to see in person, but I thought it would have to wait until next season.

Friday night we were sitting at my in-laws dinner table discussing Saturday morning plans. “I want to go to the arboretum,” MIL said. “Have you heard of the tulip farm?! It’s closeish to your house,” said me. “We’re leaving at 8:30 in the morning,” we all agreed. “I hope it’s cool and not lame since it was my idea,” I told hubs as we fell asleep.

Sunrise. Showers. Sips of coffee. Seatbelts. And off we went! After a donut stop we pulled into the tulip farm. We walked down rows upon rows of tulips; some dead, some not yet budded, some bloomin’, all separated by type and color.

And then it caught my eye.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It seems as though this little guy was lost, misplaced. But he bloomed anyway.

There are seasons of life where the wind blows us to and plants us in a place that doesn’t make sense. We may question how we got there or why we are there. We don’t feel like we fit in. We feel out of place. We don’t feel adequate for the job. Everything around us is unfamiliar. Has there been a mistake?

We have two choices in these seasons, shrivel or bloom.

Let’s take this special little guy as an example and bloom where we’re planted. What makes you different makes you beautiful. You’re needed exactly where you are today.


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