A Friendly Weekend Trip


9 Things a True Friend Would Never Do to You

I heard it was hard to find deep friendships with other couples, especially as newly weds. But, like many things in life, you don’t fully understand something until you live it.

Hubs and I have quickly learned that just because two people are merging together does not mean their friend groups will. Just because you get along with your closest friend and their significant other doesn’t mean your spouse will. Friendships are harder when all four people need to click. And differences in seasons of life make friendships hard because lack of understanding is a hurdle, if not a road block, in friendships. I’m not saying we can’t be friends if we’re in different seasons of life, I’m just saying these friendships tend to lack a certain depth.

Me and hubs didn’t know how much we longed for deep friendship until we got to experience one this weekend.

We took a spontaneous hour and a half road trip to spend some time with a dear college newly wed friend of both of ours and his wife (who we were acquaintances with but never really had much time to really get to know). We sat around the dinner table with them and lingered (thanks to the restaurant being packed causing a major back up in the kitchen). We were brutally honest and open about marriage, struggles, fears, joys, and celebrations. It was raw. We laid it all out there and we’re still lived in this safe place. It was real. It was life giving. It was encouraging. It was genuine. It is the type of relationship our souls were made for. We didn’t care how late it was getting for our drive back, this time was too sweet to rush.

Today, my lack of sleep makes me tired but I am more rested than I have been in quite some time.

And today I pray for more times like these, for more friendships like these. I know to have these types of friendships I have to be this kind of friend. It takes intentionality.

I pray these things not just for me, but for you. I pray you have friends who are in your season to walk beside you, friends who have gone this season before you to help guide you, and friends in seasons you’ve weathered for you to encourage.

Don’t be fooled by the lie that you don’t need anyone and nobody needs you.


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