#TrendingTuesday | St. Patrick’s Day


Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya!

And happy St. Patrick’s Day from this Irish Lassie! (Even though us Americans celebrate today more than the Irish).

My dad was born and raised in Ireland, and his family still lives there today. My family lived there for a season when I was a little lassie and we’ve been back to visit many times since. And my brother recently proposed there!

dad's home town


(Views from my Dad’s home town).

I’ve seen every single shade of green there is, I’ve tasted the best fish and chips, I’ve smelt the fresh air and lots of sheep poop, I’ve felt the winding roads, I’ve heard the most beautiful accents, and part of my heart will always be in Ireland.


(Yep, that’s me in front of the castle in my dad’s home town! #royalty)

So as I sit with scone bread in hand, a green shirt on (because ain’t nobody want to be pinched!), and Celtic music in my ear, here are some facts about this lovely day!

Thank you St. Patrick, for bringing Christianity to Ireland, to my dad, and to me!

I am off to make these:

rice crispies

While listening to my favorite Irish folk song:

But, I leave you with this Irish blessing …


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