Stranger Danger


We pulled up to the drive thru and hubs ordered.

“First window please.”

We pull up and hubs begins the conversation:

“Hey man you enjoy working here?”
“Sure sounds like it.”
“To be honest with you it’s pretty boring back here. Everyone else is over there and I’m here alone.”
“Aw man, can you listen to music?”
“Naw they’re strict about that stuff around here…I listen to rap.”
“You should write raps.”
“Oh really?”
“Ya dude. They can call you DJ Logue.”
“Oh really?”

And then we drove away.

During this conversation I was looking out the passenger window trying to keep myself from exploding in laughter.

My husband does this a lot, bringing up random conversations with strangers. Most of them are completely confused by what he is saying because his sense of humor is hard to understand (but totally hilarious once you do).

I’ve seen many blank faces respond to questions he will ask or sentences he blurts out. There have been some tough crowds out there and many times I’ve been the one to explain “he’s only kidding.”

But here’s the thing he’s taught me: talk to strangers. You never know, you might be the only person who took time to do that today.

We live rushed lives. Hurrying through the check out lanes and drive thrus, focused on our purchases and the next thing on our agendas, that we forget there is another human who is serving us on the other side of the check out. Their jobs are usually very routine and repetitive, and they probably deal with more complaints than praises. They have a life beyond work, just like you, and you never know what difficult season they could be facing.

So today, as you come across strangers, whether they are your cashier or your waiter, your bank teller or a telemarketer, I challenge you to talk to strangers. You just might make their day, they may teach you something, or it may make for a great story.

We may have been told growing up that we aren’t allowed to, that it isn’t safe, but think of it this way…if you never talked to strangers, how would you have any friends?


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