What About You Wednesday | Bethany


Today we welcome Bethany to the blog.

Just a little background to help understand Bethany’s responses a little more…

Bethany worked as an intern for Athletes in Action, a Christian ministry that works with college athletes, in Ohio for two years. She then decided to join staff full-time and she was placed in Boston. She returned home to Texas to raise support (have people join her team financially to allow her to be paid for the ministry she does). After many months of waiting patiently, God recently provided enough funds for her to move to Boston! Here she will be disciplining athletes, evangelizing on college campuses (Harvard, Boston College and Boston University to name a few), leading Bible studies for athletes, and so much more! For more info on Athletes in Action you can go here.

Now, let’s step into Bethany’s season…


Describe the season of life you currently find yourself in.

“Well, season of life that I’m in would be transition. I just moved to Boston from Texas and it has been interesting for sure. Going from living at my parent’s home in the middle of no where Texas to living five minutes walk from Harvard Square on one of the busiest streets in Cambridge has been a culture shock. I feel like I am in a foreign country, which is not necessarily a negative thing. This season of transition also includes having about four friends in Boston and the rest of them in Texas. Transitioning from being known to unknown. Transitioning from knowing every street to always using my GPS. Another huge transition pertains to ministry. The last two years I worked on a small D3 campus with student athletes in a small city. Now, I am on a metro team in a city that has 54 colleges and universities. Basically I’m experiencing every type of transition.”

What is God teaching you/revealing to you in this season?

“God is faithful. He is faithful even when I am not and His faithfulness doesn’t depend on mine. I feel like I had the whole “God is faithful” down but then I started raising support to do ministry. And then I moved across the country to a city I’ve been to once where I knew no one. God is daily reminding me that He’s brought me this far and He will never let me go. If He raised my support, why would He not find me a place to live in Boston? If He raised my support and a place to live why would He not give me friends? If He did all of that He clearly wants to use me in Boston with athletes. Why do I worry?”

How have you/are you changing in this season?

“I hope through any season I am changing to come out looking more like Christ. I honestly do not know what that looks like more specifically right now.”

A prayer for Bethany…

Faithful Father, we thank You for the season You have Bethany in. We thank You that You are aware of her and her needs in this season. We thank You that Boston is not a new place to You, but that You’ve always been there and You are with her there now. We pray in confidence knowing You will supply all of Bethany’s needs (but not always her wants) according to Your glorious grace. As she adjusts to her new surroundings, may she know more than ever Your consistency in her life, how constant You are. As she is lonely, would she see You as Friend. As she learns how to do ministry in a new place, may she look to You as Example. As she seeks to see the lost save, may she look to You as Savior. Thank You for the way You are using this season to help make her look more like Jesus, a friend to sinners who went to great depths to make sure they heard the gospel. Grant her favor as she pioneers ministry on college campuses in Boston. Open the hearts of athletes that need to know and grow in Your grace and truth. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Strengthen Bethany to do Your work, Oh Lord. In Your Name, Amen.


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