#TrendingTuesday | #DaylightSavingsTime


Did you remember to set your clock forward a few days ago?

I’m still trying to figure out how to change my watch. It’s always a struggle.

But with all the hype about Daylight Savings Time, I’ve never really understood why we do it. It’s one of those things I’ve just done because that’s the way it’s always been.

So today I decided to find out why we do it.

Here’s the best video I could find. And sorry, it wouldn’t let me embed it here, so click here to have TIME explain Daylight Savings Time. Then come on back!

I found it crazy that DST is a cause of higher numbers of heart attacks! Other videos I viewed reported that DTS also messes up sleeping cycles and accounts for more car accidents the Monday after. Crazy what one hour (or lack there of) can do!

As mentioned in the video, states are allowed to opt out. I discovered a Texas law maker is starting a petition to end Daylight Savings Time in Texas.

Personally, although DST can be kind of confusing, that would make me sad. Summer nights just wouldn’t be the same. I enjoy being able to snag a little more daylight for recreational activities and to linger a little longer outside.

What about you?

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