Some Songs for Your Saturday


Mat Kearney released a new album, “Just Kids,” last Tuesday. Mat is one of my favorite artists. His voice is unique and refreshing; his beats are sick; and his lyrics are fresh and deep, even allegorical at times. I enjoy uncovering the deeper meaning behind them.

“One Heart” is my favorite song from his new album. To me this song says we are more than our past, more than our present, and more than our future. It tells me that we are “more than one heart beating alone,” that we are all part of a bigger story. It tells me that there is a greater perspective for us to view our lives through, an eternal perspective, that there is “more than just this flesh and bones.” That there is a God who created us, Who came to save us, Who sustains us, Who is coming back for us.

Earlier this week, Boof and I went to a coffee house that some of our friends were playing at. One of the songs they covered is the song below. We came home and Boof found who the song was originally by (“Sons and Daughters” by Allman Brown). We have had it on repeat since.

I read an article about this song, and loved what it had to say.

“..the lyrics seem at once effortlessly simple and wonderfully powerful. Brown paints a picture of a couple doing nothing more than living, experiencing the day-to-day by taking care of the small things like setting the table and enjoying red wine together.

‘I found when I was writing songs I was choosing sort of larger-than-life moments, or really extraordinary moments like your first kiss, these really big romantic ideals. I just tried to sort of distill it and think, the stuff that’s really important to me [are the] everyday things,’ said Brown… This snapshot argues Brown’s point that love is not only found in chocolates and roses, but in everyday conversations over homemade dinners.”

Now married, I agree, love is found in the mundane.

And as we look forward to other seasons in our life, this song reminds us to cherish these moments, these foundational moments, for everything else (including sons and daughters) “it’s all to come, for now we’re still young.”


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