Featured Friday


On Fridays here you’ll find something which caught my attention during the week. It may be another blog post, a recipe, an article, a video, a photograph, and the list goes on.

This week, it is a Facebook status my college friend, Caysi, posted earlier in the week. Her words put into writing what my heart has been feeling and many recent conversations I’ve had. I hope you glean some insight and encouragement from this raw out pouring of her heart. I know I did.

(Photo cred: www.abandonstatusquo.com)

“I’ve been thinking alot about this lately and saw a news story this morning that made me think even more about the significance. So I’m gonna say it ‘out loud.’

I am convinced that people have, for the most part, no idea about a lifestyle until they are living it. There are lots of facets to this. Some don’t even try to understand. Some try for a little while and then go back to their own life. And some truly try to understand and just have a hard time completely grasping when they don’t live it 24/7. 

Right now, my life is being a (pregnant) mom and wife of a pastor. Both are positions in which I consistently find myself saying ‘if only they knew’ when people say certain things without thinking or knowing. 

This is not an ‘I wish you knew’ post. 

Here’s my point: I think EVERY position is probably this way. Teachers, nurses, doctors, creative directors, manual laborers, food servers, engineers, students, hairdressers, chefs, public servicemen/women, businessmen/women, widows/widowers, parents/single parents/working parents/sah parents, pastors/pastors’ wives and children, those with a hard time finding a job or a partner, those who struggle with all types of addictions…and many many more….and a lot of these are just some examples of what we DO, not necessarily even who we ARE. 

I have been convicted that I should stop wishing people understood certain things in our life and realize that they’re probably thinking the same thing about me. 

I may not understand all that you do, deal with, and go through on a daily basis, but I do know life can be hard and people can be tough and sometimes it’s a lot. 

I promise to try harder to understand and appreciate you, and when I still just don’t get it because I don’t live it, to give grace because I know it’s not easy. I sincerely hope I haven’t, but know I have, been guilty of saying things and being on the other end of ‘if only she knew.’ For those moments I am so sorry. I also promise to be better at giving grace to those who don’t understand my stage of life right now. 

Let’s just love and look for ways to love even harder. I’m so thankful we’re all different. Your role is important. Even when others don’t get it. Push on! That’s all :).”

We may never fully understand, but may we love more fully.


2 thoughts on “Featured Friday

  1. Cecilia Mendez

    Amy this is so good! I’v been reading a book that talks a little bit about this (mostly referring to compassion)
    “For a compassionate person nothing human is alien: no joy and no sorrow, no way of living and no way of dying.” – The Wounded Healer (p. 45)
    This reminds me of what you wrote because you’re right, we may not understand but we can love more fully. Thank you for sharing what your friend shared 🙂


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