What About You Wednesday | Austin


Welcome to the first “What About You” Wednesday segment! Each Wednesday we will have a guest on the blog. Stepping into their season, we will uncover what they are learning and how they are changing.

Today we welcome Austin. Let’s see where he finds himself today…

Austin's Feet

Describe the season of life you are currently in.

“I would describe the season of life I’m currently in as a snowstorm in Downtown Chicago. What I mean is that there have been some beautiful times where the snow has fell to create a perfect landscape of closeness to the Lord. However, there have also been many times of slush and ugliness when the snow melts and gets walked on and driven over where things are just not pretty and my sin is ever before me.”

What is God teaching you/revealing to you in this season?

“PATIENCE. Not the kind of patience that deals with waiting on the Lord for Him to act, but the kind of patience that just straight up deals with people. God is revealing to me almost daily how selfish I am. And it’s hard, downright impossible, to be patient and selfish. Something’s gotta give. Just the other day was my wife’s birthday, and subconsciously I was putting my own desires before the desires of what my wife wanted to do. And I was getting very frustrated that what I wanted to do wasn’t being done. It was a visual representation to me of what was going on in my heart. On my wife’s birthday, a day that should be spent rejoicing in who my wife is and has become over the years (essentially putting her at the center of the day), I spent the majority of the day wanting ME to be at the center. Frustration ensued. Obviously.”

How have you/are you changing in this season?

“I’m learning that I need to allow people to be themselves. I teach 8th graders for a living. I know, right? And getting upset with them for being kids is just stupid and a waste of time. Just as similarly, getting upset with my wife for having a different opinion than me or doing something different than the way I would do it is stupid and a waste of time.”

What encouragement would you give someone in a similar season?

    • “Life happens. Things get cancelled. People say stupid stuff. Just breathe, relax and constantly remind yourself that if you are a child of God, literally everything that happens to you is for your good intended to shape you into the image of Jesus (Romans 8:28). A lot of times, and I mean A LOT, this doesn’t make sense and doesn’t seem like it’s true, but you just have to choose to believe that it IS true because God said so. Take everything in stride believing that God is using it to make you better.
    • Release your desire to have control. You will never be able to grip oil. The same goes for control in your life.
    • To ask for a giving spirit encompasses giving literally everything. Time. Thoughts. Desires. Money. So be careful what you ask for.”

A Prayer for Austin…

Father, We thank You for Austin. We thank You for the season You have him in. We thank You for not only being aware of his season, but being with him in it. Thank you for what you are revealing to him and how you are changing him to be more like You: patient with Your children, a selfless servant. May You continue to give him Your eyes and compassion for others. As he feels the weight of his sin, may he feel the power of the cross even heavier on his soul. Raboni, as You teach Austin, grant him favor and wisdom as he teaches the flock You have entrusted to him. Increase his desire for You, Jesus.  Thank You for hearing us when we pray to You. Thank You for answering. Amen.


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